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No.13091 : rene cassandres [2014-09-06 12:49] [Report] 1410022168283.jpg (86938 B, 286x400) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
86938 B

Hello, this is Rene Cassandres. I lost a lot of my pics in my stupid PC and wanted to ask if anyone had any pics of me saved. Mostly posted back in 2002-2006. Hope you can help :(

No.13093 : Anonymous [2014-09-07 08:51] [Report] []

Unfortunately I don't. Definitely would've remembered you. ;)

No.13096 : tato [2014-09-09 19:39] [Report] 1410305965102.jpg (189120 B, 480x476) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.13098 : drex [2014-09-10 11:46] [Report] 1410363983579.jpg (35354 B, 362x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
35354 B

WOW! your looks haven't changed at all! I have found a couple folders of photos- don't remember how I cam across them... maybe off of boards, remember them?back when we used to save them b/c we never thought we'd see them again. They are small files, but very hot. Let me know where I can send them

No.13099 : rene [2014-09-10 13:27] [Report] []

Thanks!! xoxo .. any pics can be sent to my email ;)

No.14214 : rene cassandres [2016-04-14 18:57] [Report] 1460674647937.jpg (12415 B, 187x480) [YIS] [GIS] []
12415 B

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask once more if anyone had any old photos of me saved, I lost a bunch from back in 2002-2005. I need help since my old stupid drive died and lost a lot of them :(

if you do find any please either post here or email me at


No.14217 : rene [2016-04-21 18:27] [Report] []

>>13098 I guess you never found the photos :(?

No.14422 : Anonymous [2016-07-16 00:04] [Report] []


why not make new ones and post them?

No.14574 : Anonymous [2016-10-26 07:30] [Report] []

that's because he's just a wanker.. she should take new ones, the time she waits for someone to send her old photos is not worth it, take new ones, what a lame life he's living

No.14614 : Anonymous [2016-11-29 03:22] [Report] []

>>13091 mmmluvyrpantiedcock

No.15142 : Anonymous [2017-12-15 09:10] [Report] []


No.15143 : Anonymous [2017-12-15 09:12] [Report] []

>>13091 Very Beautiful

No.15433 : Anonymous [2018-11-26 12:50] [Report] []

Hi, i just wanted to check again if anyone had any pics of me saved in their old hard drives... please let me know.. write me at


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