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No.11854 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/01(Sun)02:12] [Report] 1385881941550.jpg (107447 B, 640x960) [YIS] [GIS] [SNAP]
107447 B

I'm a dirty little (let's just say 18 year old SLUT, and I am soooo yearning for my first daddy cock!!!). I'll post a few tonight, and if anyone answers I can do requests.... Lol I say "can do" requests, but I really mean "I want more than anything to do requests!!!" I LIVE to please daddy, so if u have requests, I'm more excited than u r papi!!

No.11859 : Anonymous [13/12/01(Sun)13:53] [Report] []

I want to see that tight ass of yours bent over, and spread waiting for my big daddy cock like a good little slut.

No.11860 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/01(Sun)23:48] [Report] 1385959695741.jpg (86735 B, 960x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
86735 B

Is that good bb??!!

No.11861 : Anonymous [13/12/02(Mon)14:13] [Report] []

Mmm, yeah I am so hard for you. I want to see that hole next you dirty slut.

No.11863 : Anon [13/12/02(Mon)19:06] [Report] []

I wouldn't be satisfied, its not spread, no hole

spread those cheeks!

No.11882 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/06(Fri)03:32] [Report] 1386318756147.jpg (86503 B, 960x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
86503 B

Here my hole bb

No.11883 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/06(Fri)03:49] [Report] 1386319782687.jpg (115617 B, 960x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11889 : Anonymous [13/12/07(Sat)02:09] [Report] []

Fuck I want that ass so bad. I'd fuck it for two hours straight.

No.11959 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/19(Thu)10:08] [Report] []

I'm really sad I thought more ppl wod like:-(

No.11960 : Alexis teen trap whore [13/12/19(Thu)10:11] [Report] 1387465873099.jpg (94601 B, 960x640) [YIS] [GIS] []
No.11961 : Anonymous [13/12/19(Thu)15:27] [Report] []

i like it. very much. and bunch of others do, but they are lazy lurkers.

No.11962 : Anonymous [13/12/19(Thu)16:53] [Report] []

Post feet, soles, slut

No.11964 : Anonymous [13/12/19(Thu)22:25] [Report] 1387509942007.jpg (38803 B, 560x372) [YIS] [GIS] []
38803 B

show feet and cock pls

No.11965 : Anonymous [13/12/19(Thu)22:27] [Report] []

post cock and feet(perhaps with cum on them)

No.11968 : Anonymous [13/12/20(Fri)12:29] [Report] []

I wanna see you with your legs spread wide

God I just wanna make out with you!

No.12106 : Anonymous [14/01/27(Mon)04:06] [Report] []

Hey it's me... Sorry been gone so long!! I'll post more soon I promise

No.12206 : Anonymous [14/02/04(Tue)07:38] [Report] []

I'm still waiting for more, I'm disappointed I want to speed your legs and kiss your neck and make you moan loud enough to wake the neabourhood!

No.12324 : Anonymous [14/02/20(Thu)14:38] [Report] []

I'll post more in a min. Sorry I dissapear again. Ty 4 all ur nice comments:)


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